White Pass

What a fun weekend! The weather was kind of all over the place though. We packed a lot of snow and dad carved a lot! This was our 4th year getting to go and probably one of the best. We didn’t get much snow were we lived this year and can’t afford snowboarding right now so this trip was perfect at no cost to us what so ever!

20130228_085054 20130228_130242

Lots of carving going on. I think my dad did a total of 7 pieces.

20130228_161126 20130228_161146 20130228_161216 20130228_161254 20130228_161329

We did take some breaks to play some card games ( speed, and nertz) and drink hot cocoa. Lets just say I am the champ when it comes to those 2 games.

20130228_122833 20130228_122940

After we had most of the packing and shaping on the sculptures done we were able to play on the mountain. Some days were better than others. The first day it was snowing, the other days it was sunny, icy, rainy and just all over the place.

20130301_131025 20130301_132114 20130302_135322 20130302_140618 20130302_153137 20130301_103911

Tyler, Matt and I snow boarded. Dad skied and mom tried cross-country skiing I hear its quiet the workout from everyone that tries it.

Friday night we played Bingo down the mountain in a small town called Packwood. On the way there we saw a ton of Elk all over the town.


We pretty much kicked those seniors butts at Bingo all together we won a couple hundred dollars and free food 🙂

20130301_190744 20130301_174652

Saturday is when the snow carnival started and the castle and all the carvings were complete.

20130302_104550 20130302_104616

It was a long fun-filled weekend. It was fun to play in the snow but I cant wait for Hawaii next month!!

Have you ever watched some one carve with a chainsaw?

What do you prefer skiing or snowboarding?

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Random Wednesday

This week has been crazy! We have been trying to fit in our workouts and get everything ready for this weekend. Whats this weekend? Let me tell you 🙂 Every year at the end of February we go up to white pass for my dad to ice carve and for us to “help” him and then snowboard , sleep, and eat for free! We are super excited we will get up there tonight and come home sunday.

So this week to prep for leaving I have had to cram everything in like crazy.

Sunday: Went to church, cleaned out closet, pulled out all snow clothes, went to friends to test bf%.

Monday: worked until 4:30, sent matt to grocery store,  went home changed in to gym clothes & grabbed matt, went to kohls to pay credit card, went to bank, went to platos to sell old clothes, went to target to pick up baby shower gift, went to gym, went home ate, then finally slept!

Work photo for matt 🙂


Tuesday: worked until 4:15, went to acupuncture, came home to eat, went to baby shower, came home packed, went to bed by 11!

My life saver this week

20130226_113022 20130226_112828

Today im working then going to our house to grab everything then heading to my parents to ride with them up to the mountain.

I really tried to get up this morning at 5 to go to the gym but I just couldn’t seem to get up 😦 so I only am going to have in 1 actual workout this week. Hopefully snowboarding will kick my butt 🙂

How ever at the gym on monday I ran my fastest mile yet! It hurt bad though i am still sore. My heart was pounding!


Matt went grocery shopping for us this week which I love that he is so willing to help out especially when I am really busy. Anyways look at these MAN sized grapes he bought! they are HUGE and super yummy.


We are getting super excited to get to the snow we have barely seen any this year its been a sad winter 😦

p.s. Tomorrow is day 10 of the cleanse and I cant wait to measure and weigh my self. After tomorrow I start the next phase which is 14 days so far so good.

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Pinterest Challenge

I’m starting a pinterest challenge that i saw my cousin Elizabeth started and thought what a great idea! I have actually only done 1 of the pins on my huge list on pinterest so why not!?

So here is what I will be working on.

1.Dinner Menu


2. Door Wreath


3. A potted garden


4. A skirt


5. Make my own cook book


6. pillows for the couch


So there you go i plan on trying to get them done in that order so we shall see how it goes 🙂

If you have a pinterest board join in! If you don’t have a pinterest board get one and then join in!


Do you have any projects you have been putting off?


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BOOM & official race photos

Well we have been contemplating for some time now whether or not we should join a gym. Pros were significantly greater than the cons so we finally bit the bullet and joined Boom Fitness. It’s in our price range and its 24 hours which is great with our busy schedules!


With the package we bought we are able to go to all of the classes they provide and we get a month of free jujitsu classes and also one month free membership for the both of us.

Sense we are kind of pansies when it comes to running in the cold this should help us a lot with our half marathon training. We signed up friday night and went to the gym for the first time on saturday… On the schedule was 3.5 miles. Matt and i ran side by side on treadmills sweating our lives away we probably should have stretched and foam rolled more because we are both still pretty sore! Our goal is to do our longer runs on Saturdays and to run at a pace to get through all the miles without walking at all. So far so good.


Our dinners have been very healthy lately since im on the advocare cleanse https://www.advocare.com/130210618/default.aspx which by the way is still going great! Here is a few meals i got pictures of before gulping them down.

20130222_190703 20130221_120627 20130219_171115

Salmon and potatoes, salad, and chicken with steamed veggies. Most of our dinners and lunches have looked like this lately minus the potatoes. My body is feeling great and seems to perform better when running i feel like i have more energy and like its completely natural to run and I LOVE it!

We just received the official photos from a race we did back on feb 9th. It was the hardest one so far and you can tell by the pictures we were beat!

SC20130217-150854 SC20130217-150842 SC20130217-150814 SC20130217-150802

Like i said before we both thought we were going to pass out after we finished because we sprinted towards the end and by the photos you can see how dead we were lol. You probably think why would anyone want to pay to put themselves through that torture but man is it so worth it. The whole hype of the race and the feeling of accomplishment after you finish is completely worth it! Just beware once you have been in one race you will become addicted no matter who you are! Make it a goal to run, jog, or walk at leat 1 race this year the feeling as you finish is soooo worth it i promise!

On to another subject… As I have mentioned a few times I am on a cleanse and also have been trying to lose weight for some time now… I am at the lowest weight i have been sense 2/18/11 my wedding date and decided last night to go through the box of clothes that were to tight and to my surprise everything fit great except for 2 things which do fit they just are a little to snug for my liking. Then i have a pair of Abercrombie jeans that havent fit me in years they are my goal pants. I tried them on and they fit over my bum but were not anywhere close to buttoning yet.

I was so excited that I have like a whole new wardrobe now! the only down side is I now have 2 bags full of clothes that are to big that i am going to try to take to Plato’s closet to sell so I can buy some new SMALLER ones 🙂

p.s. my 10 day cleanse update is coming in just a couple of days! I can not wait to find out my results.

Have you ever heard of Advocare? If so what is your favorite product?

Have you ran and races lately? if so which ones?

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Day 4 of Cleanse

Well i have got through the first 3 days of the cleanse so far and all i can say is WOW. Why have i never heard of Advocare before?! Why didn’t anyone tell me i could feel this good? I feel awesome and i weigh less 🙂 My running has even improved.

I have so much energy and my body feels great. I can all ready tell that i have lost weight off my stomach. I think so far Spark is by far my favorite product my focus is way better when using it at work and i can really tell that it works.

The cleanse over all is great it is very gentle and uneventful which i love. I will post my stats at the end of the 10 day cleanse and after the 24 day challenge i cant wait to remeasure my self and weigh my self 🙂

These are the 3 things i am currently using.

W3172 W2002 A2094

I will continue to use the Omegaplex for the rest of my life it is that great!! Stronger hair, nails and better skin and more who wouldn’t want that!!!

I LOVE Advocare i am so glad i was introduced to it! I finally found the missing puzzle piece!

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2 Year wedding anniversary

   I just can not believe we have all ready been married for 2 whole years! Time just seems to fly by now days. I fall more in love with Matt every single passing day. Some times i have no idea how i got so darn lucky. I truly did marry my very best friend i have never been so comfortable and happy with any one.

  We decided to back to Lincoln city which is where we went for our honeymoon and 1 year anniversary. We like going there it brings back fun memories every time we go. We had gorgeous weather which is always appreciated at the coast!


Driving there was even sunny.

We went the scenic route and stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory. We LOVE cheese and ice cream but who doesn’t!


We may or may not have went through the sample line twice…. What happens at the cheese factory stays at the cheese factory  ; )


So many choices…


Mmmnn We decided to buy this one and we snacked on it all weekend it was great warmed up with crackers to!


And the famous Tillamook Ice cream. I dont think that there is a better brand of ice cream!!!


After Tillamook we headed to Lincoln City. We went to Goodwill because we needed something to fill our time and we are bargain shoppers!


We picked up some awesome flippers that were just my size for Hawaii for 1/3rd of the price brand new. They actually happened to be the exact brand we have been looking at to. SCORE! Matt also got a pull up bar for a whole 300 pennies can’t beat that!

In Lincoln city they place glass floats on the beach for beach combers to find. We looked a couple of times but couldn’t find any 😦 we will continue to try though!

We got down to the beach at about 6am it wasn’t to cold surprisingly. We did find this pretty coral

20130216_072915 20130216_071041 20130216_071325

Saturday the weather wasn’t very nice so we stayed inside and played BINGO… every body laughs and asks how old we are when we tell them we played but let me tell you ya got to be on top of it or you will get very behind!

20130216_125818 20130216_134346 20130216_142747

It took us about 2.5 hours to get all the way through our packs but we had nothing better to do so it was a blast!

Sunday the weather was beautiful again and we enjoyed our selves on the beach.

20130215_170213 20130215_170236

2 years down and Eternity to go 🙂

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Valentines Day 2013

Well this year we decided we weren’t going to go out for dinner and we weren’t going to spend a lot of money on gifts. Matt had to work until 6:30 so i jumped on the treadmill once i got home and ran a quick 3 miles. It felt really good especially cause i knew everyone else was stuffing their faces with chocolate and other heavenly foods!

I made red velvet cookies for my coworkers and the were bomb diggity!!! I will be posting some recipes later on.



Once Matt got home we cooked dinner together it was a lot of fun and super delicious! on the menu, Chicken cordon blue, suddenly salad, and croissants 🙂



Doesnt look very appetizing from the picture but there was no leftovers!!

We then exchanged gifts. Matt really surprised me! Sometimes he has a hard time being creative but i was super excited when i saw what he made me and couldn’t get the grin off my face!

From me to him:

20130213_173144 20130213_173623

From Him to me:

Continue reading

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Matt and I had been watching extreme couponing on Netflix and thought it looked well worth it. They spend like 40 hours a week getting ready to go shopping and get there balance of $1,000 down to $0 it is insane. We thought we would some what try this just by buying the sunday paper but we are not going to be spending hours on this. It was just to see how much we could save on things we all ready buy.

Saturday we went on our biweekly shopping trip and although we didn’t bring our total down to $0 we still saved a lot on things we always buy so it was well worth it for us and super easy. I would buy the paper on saturday and cut the coupons out on sunday while watching a show with matt.

Here is our stack of coupons and what our receipt ended up looking like.



we saved $15.90 on groceries.

We have some more great coupons for cosmetics and cleaning supplies we will be using later this week. Those are were you save the big bucks!

It will be interesting to see how much we save through the next few months.

Do you coupon?


Where do you find the best deals?

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Heartbreak 5K

Our first 5K of the year. I would be a liar if I said it was easy, cause dang it was a hard one.  The race started at 8:20 in the freezing cold. We hadn’t exercised for a week due to being sick so it was really rough running our hearts out! It did get us very excited for another 5k or 10k. We both really want to win in our age groups so we are going to train our butts off this next 2 months and run another… We just have to pick one 🙂


Getting ready to run. I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t sleep I was just to anxious, and excited to run! I love the race vibe!

20130209_080159We got our bibs on and are ready to rock n roll 🙂



Ha ha we are such goofs. We were so excited to run we had a ton of energy to get out!


Before / After

Here is how I placed


#8 in my age division, the hills really killed me.

Here is Matt’s


He got #8 in his division as well.

Over all it was a great race, it just had a lot of hills and we weren’t very prepared. It has definitely put the fire under us to run more though so I cant wait to find another race 🙂

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I just signed up to be a Distributor for Advocare and bought my 24 day challenge! I am super excited about this. I have been trying to lose weight for some time now and think this may be the key for me! It’s also more of a life style not just a quick fix, which i really love. The nutrition it provides is some thing i will use the rest of my life. Here is the products i bought. ( I didn’t buy the actual 24 day challenge because signing as a distributor and buying what i will actually use is going to save me a lot of money.)


  • Helps rid the body of toxins and waste*
  • Supports improved digestion and thorough internal cleansing*
  • Provides 10 grams of fiber per day
  • Helps remove impurities from the body*
  • Supports healthy weight loss*
  • Get even more digestive benefits with Digest-Ease™


  • Supplies 1,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving
  • Contains both EPA and DHA fatty acids
  • Plays an important role in the transportation of nutrients*
  • Helps support normal blood flow and healthy blood pressure*
  • Promotes cardiovascular health in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise*
  • Helps promote healthy metabolism*
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system*
  • Promotes maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails*


  • A comprehensive, scientifically advanced approach to weight management*
  • Includes appetite suppressants, metabolic enhancers and thermogenic ingredients to improve metabolic efficiency*
  • Provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants and other nutrients for optimal health and wellness*
  • Add ThermoPlus™ supplement to enhance your results*


  • Supports the body’s ability to convert fat into energy*
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism*
  • Helps suppress appetite*
  • Contains oolong tea and sage extracts to support weight loss*
  • Works great in conjunction with the AdvoCare® Metabolic Nutrition Systems (MNS®)*

My Distributor kits comes with a few awesome items as well. Here are a few.


  • Available in Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Citrus and Cherry
  • Offered in pouches and canisters
  • Our #1 seller
  • The most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market
  • Sugar-free, long-lasting energy*
  • Surprisingly fast-acting*
  • Contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy*
  • Just 45 calories per serving
  • Sharpens mental focus*


  • Available in Bowl Game Berry, Strawberry Blast, LemonAid and Power Punch
  • High-powered, portable energy source*
  • Fast acting*
  • Sustained energy without jitters*
  • Sharpens mental focus*
  • Sugar free

I tried the spark the other night and WOW that stuff is nothing short of amazing. I cant wait to get all of my products. I am going to try to document every day how things are going and also my weight and measurements.

Have you ever tried any products from AdvoCare?


Here Check it out for your self


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