Personal Trainer

I got a personal trainer a couple weeks ago and it has been helping a lot! I really needed the accountability that comes with meeting someone else at the gym to work out and to make sure I am making progress. I kind of got in a slump the last few months. After our July ½ marathon I just couldn’t find the motivation to run or even workout. We did just become apartment managers so I don’t have quite as much time to work out but that’s just an excuse. I have big goals and high standards for myself it’s just the matter of reaching them… So far I can tell I’m getting some muscle definition but I was only down a couple pounds and it has been awhile sense I have done the Advocare cleanse so I started that today for the 3rd round. I know I will drop at least 5 lbs with that like always so that will be nice to see on the scale.


Last night my trainer had me do arms and today I can barely lift them lol. No pain no gain. At least I know his workouts are VERY effective. I have been thinking about becoming a personal trainer for the last year or so but just had so much self doubt that I thought it was impossible for someone like me to have a career in personal training when I don’t feel like the best role model. Well my trainer is going to lend me his books and I’m going to see if this is the path for me. I am excited and hope it works out for me I think it would be such a fun job and I would love to help other people with something I myself have struggled with. So now I just need to get in to good enough shape that I feel like I am in a position to help others. Easier said than done!


3 thing s about myself you may not know

  1. I played rugby for 4 years
  2. My favorite color is purple
  3. I love when fall changes the color of the leaves

About sweatforsanity

Just a girl trying to enjoy life and get fit at the same time. I have a handsome husband whom i was married to in 2011. We live in a small apartment in Oregon and are both currently seeking out our careers. We love the out doors and just about any sport.
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