Chopped off my hair & race

I finally found the guts to cut if off. I have been wanting to but was nervous i wouldn’t like it and the last time it was short i was probably about 12 years old and i donated it to lock of love. Fortunately i LOVE it! It feels so healthy and dries in no time!!! The only down side of it is i have to relearn how to curl it and my pony tail is teeny tiny.

Here is some before and afters:

PicsArt_1381977992627 PicsArt_1381978049192

All the hair we cut off:



And my new look:

download 20131016_193427

   We have a race on Saturday just a 5k. It’s a Halloween themed one and we haven’t been running like at all which is not a very good preparation technique. I am going to try to get in a few runs this week so i feel somewhat prepared. I have been cross training with a personal trainer but haven’t been actually running so we will see how i do. Probably wont be a new PR for me.

   My little brother Tyler is doing it with us this is his 2nd race that he has done with us and i hope he gets first place in his age division i think that would be so cool! Anyways i am excited but nervous like always. I need to start running more because we also have a race next month and i would like to get a PR to end the year off with. We will see what happens 🙂


About sweatforsanity

Just a girl trying to enjoy life and get fit at the same time. I have a handsome husband whom i was married to in 2011. We live in a small apartment in Oregon and are both currently seeking out our careers. We love the out doors and just about any sport.
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