White Pass

What a fun weekend! The weather was kind of all over the place though. We packed a lot of snow and dad carved a lot! This was our 4th year getting to go and probably one of the best. We didn’t get much snow were we lived this year and can’t afford snowboarding right now so this trip was perfect at no cost to us what so ever!

20130228_085054 20130228_130242

Lots of carving going on. I think my dad did a total of 7 pieces.

20130228_161126 20130228_161146 20130228_161216 20130228_161254 20130228_161329

We did take some breaks to play some card games ( speed, and nertz) and drink hot cocoa. Lets just say I am the champ when it comes to those 2 games.

20130228_122833 20130228_122940

After we had most of the packing and shaping on the sculptures done we were able to play on the mountain. Some days were better than others. The first day it was snowing, the other days it was sunny, icy, rainy and just all over the place.

20130301_131025 20130301_132114 20130302_135322 20130302_140618 20130302_153137 20130301_103911

Tyler, Matt and I snow boarded. Dad skied and mom tried cross-country skiing I hear its quiet the workout from everyone that tries it.

Friday night we played Bingo down the mountain in a small town called Packwood. On the way there we saw a ton of Elk all over the town.


We pretty much kicked those seniors butts at Bingo all together we won a couple hundred dollars and free food 🙂

20130301_190744 20130301_174652

Saturday is when the snow carnival started and the castle and all the carvings were complete.

20130302_104550 20130302_104616

It was a long fun-filled weekend. It was fun to play in the snow but I cant wait for Hawaii next month!!

Have you ever watched some one carve with a chainsaw?

What do you prefer skiing or snowboarding?


About sweatforsanity

Just a girl trying to enjoy life and get fit at the same time. I have a handsome husband whom i was married to in 2011. We live in a small apartment in Oregon and are both currently seeking out our careers. We love the out doors and just about any sport.
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2 Responses to White Pass

  1. Just found your blog. I live in VA and never go skiing, so loved living vicariously through your pictures!

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