2 Year wedding anniversary

   I just can not believe we have all ready been married for 2 whole years! Time just seems to fly by now days. I fall more in love with Matt every single passing day. Some times i have no idea how i got so darn lucky. I truly did marry my very best friend i have never been so comfortable and happy with any one.

  We decided to back to Lincoln city which is where we went for our honeymoon and 1 year anniversary. We like going there it brings back fun memories every time we go. We had gorgeous weather which is always appreciated at the coast!


Driving there was even sunny.

We went the scenic route and stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory. We LOVE cheese and ice cream but who doesn’t!


We may or may not have went through the sample line twice…. What happens at the cheese factory stays at the cheese factory  ; )


So many choices…


Mmmnn We decided to buy this one and we snacked on it all weekend it was great warmed up with crackers to!


And the famous Tillamook Ice cream. I dont think that there is a better brand of ice cream!!!


After Tillamook we headed to Lincoln City. We went to Goodwill because we needed something to fill our time and we are bargain shoppers!


We picked up some awesome flippers that were just my size for Hawaii for 1/3rd of the price brand new. They actually happened to be the exact brand we have been looking at to. SCORE! Matt also got a pull up bar for a whole 300 pennies can’t beat that!

In Lincoln city they place glass floats on the beach for beach combers to find. We looked a couple of times but couldn’t find any 😦 we will continue to try though!

We got down to the beach at about 6am it wasn’t to cold surprisingly. We did find this pretty coral

20130216_072915 20130216_071041 20130216_071325

Saturday the weather wasn’t very nice so we stayed inside and played BINGO… every body laughs and asks how old we are when we tell them we played but let me tell you ya got to be on top of it or you will get very behind!

20130216_125818 20130216_134346 20130216_142747

It took us about 2.5 hours to get all the way through our packs but we had nothing better to do so it was a blast!

Sunday the weather was beautiful again and we enjoyed our selves on the beach.

20130215_170213 20130215_170236

2 years down and Eternity to go 🙂


About sweatforsanity

Just a girl trying to enjoy life and get fit at the same time. I have a handsome husband whom i was married to in 2011. We live in a small apartment in Oregon and are both currently seeking out our careers. We love the out doors and just about any sport.
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