My Half Marathon Schedule

Matt and i are starting to train for our very first 1/2 marathon. We are actually doing 2 that we know of so far. The Helvetia 1/2 on June 8th which looks like a blast. Then we are doing the sauvies island 1/2 marathon which is the flattest in the NW We really want to place well so we are going to try to stick to our schedule as best as we possibly can. It is a mix of running and Insanity. Insanity is a hardcore 60 day work out program that uses your body instead of weights, we are stretching it out to fit with our training.


Here is what our schedule looks like so far… We have a few vacations planned but hopefully we will stick to it! Plus its easier when you are doing it with someone 🙂


   This is what January looked like. The blue is the actual work outs I did… Not to good and my miles are not anywhere close to where they need to be to hit that 1000 this year. I definitely need to pick up the pace and lace up them sneakers!







   I may add more miles and less Insanity if I feel like the long runs are super hard. I can’t wait until June when i can see all my hard work pay off!

Wish me luck, im going to need it!

Whats the farthest you have ran?

To date 5 miles is my longest

Have you ever done any beach body programs? what ones?

I have got to week 3 of Insanity before and it has awesome results!


About sweatforsanity

Just a girl trying to enjoy life and get fit at the same time. I have a handsome husband whom i was married to in 2011. We live in a small apartment in Oregon and are both currently seeking out our careers. We love the out doors and just about any sport.
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3 Responses to My Half Marathon Schedule

  1. To date my furthest run is 4.3 miles and I just finished my first 5K! I love how you incorporate insanity with your runs. I’m doing the same with TurboFire! I look forward to following your progress and really like the way you’ve set up your calendar. Keep it up!

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