Personal Trainer

I got a personal trainer a couple weeks ago and it has been helping a lot! I really needed the accountability that comes with meeting someone else at the gym to work out and to make sure I am making progress. I kind of got in a slump the last few months. After our July ½ marathon I just couldn’t find the motivation to run or even workout. We did just become apartment managers so I don’t have quite as much time to work out but that’s just an excuse. I have big goals and high standards for myself it’s just the matter of reaching them… So far I can tell I’m getting some muscle definition but I was only down a couple pounds and it has been awhile sense I have done the Advocare cleanse so I started that today for the 3rd round. I know I will drop at least 5 lbs with that like always so that will be nice to see on the scale.


Last night my trainer had me do arms and today I can barely lift them lol. No pain no gain. At least I know his workouts are VERY effective. I have been thinking about becoming a personal trainer for the last year or so but just had so much self doubt that I thought it was impossible for someone like me to have a career in personal training when I don’t feel like the best role model. Well my trainer is going to lend me his books and I’m going to see if this is the path for me. I am excited and hope it works out for me I think it would be such a fun job and I would love to help other people with something I myself have struggled with. So now I just need to get in to good enough shape that I feel like I am in a position to help others. Easier said than done!


3 thing s about myself you may not know

  1. I played rugby for 4 years
  2. My favorite color is purple
  3. I love when fall changes the color of the leaves
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Chopped off my hair & race

I finally found the guts to cut if off. I have been wanting to but was nervous i wouldn’t like it and the last time it was short i was probably about 12 years old and i donated it to lock of love. Fortunately i LOVE it! It feels so healthy and dries in no time!!! The only down side of it is i have to relearn how to curl it and my pony tail is teeny tiny.

Here is some before and afters:

PicsArt_1381977992627 PicsArt_1381978049192

All the hair we cut off:



And my new look:

download 20131016_193427

   We have a race on Saturday just a 5k. It’s a Halloween themed one and we haven’t been running like at all which is not a very good preparation technique. I am going to try to get in a few runs this week so i feel somewhat prepared. I have been cross training with a personal trainer but haven’t been actually running so we will see how i do. Probably wont be a new PR for me.

   My little brother Tyler is doing it with us this is his 2nd race that he has done with us and i hope he gets first place in his age division i think that would be so cool! Anyways i am excited but nervous like always. I need to start running more because we also have a race next month and i would like to get a PR to end the year off with. We will see what happens 🙂

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I must be crazy

Ok so either I am crazy or my husband is crazy…. OR maybe we are both crazy!?  I told him about a half marathon on September 28th that looked really cool and we was all like sign me up! we can do that it just another 13.1 miles!!?? Who is this guy? since our 4th of July 1/2 we have only ran like 2 or 3 times. We have been keeping up on our cardio endurance with other workouts but not so much running…

It looks like we will be running it. It’s the Oregon half marathon and it is mostly downhill which I’m not sure how my knees will like that. I’m excited but very nervous we will be running this weekend hopefully 8 miles… We also are doing a Halloween and Thanksgiving run but those we are only going to do a 5k/10k.

CourseElevation OregonMarathonLog

With this new race on the agenda we are going to have to switch up our workouts a bit. I am still going to continue to do the Insanity workouts in order but not following the calendar because I need some days to run and don’t want to do both because it will be a bit much on my knees. This being said does anyone want to go for a run? 🙂

I finished the cleanse this week I still need to take measurements though. I lost a total of 4 lbs. which isn’t to shabby for only 10 days when I was stuck in a plateau. I’m continuing on the 24 day challenge and hope to be down another 5lbs at the end. I think right now my biggest motivator is Matt which is kind of a change for me. It seems like a lot of the time I am trying to motivate him sense he is so busy with other things. He has been on a roll!!! He has been dropping weight with the cleanse and is putting on a ton of muscle with muscle gain, muscle strength, & arginine extreme. He is also doing P90X every day and he plays basketball a few times a week.

I am so glad I have someone to do this with that helps keep me stay motivated ! I’m one lucky gal 🙂

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First week of Insanity done!

    Yay I finished week 1 of Insanity. As of Saturday the end of week 1 of Insanity and day 6 of the cleanse I am down 3.8 lbs 🙂 I am really happy with that and hope to keep that up. I know my weight loss will start to slow down as I get closer to my goal but for now I am a happy camper!

   Insanity is really hard! Holy cow! I am very competitive and try to keep up as best as I can but they kick my trash every workout and I love it. I love the sweat in my eyes… TMI? It lets me know im working hard!  I am all ready noticing changes in the way my clothing fits and how much stronger I am getting I am really excited to see the end  results if things keep going as they are.

   I am also going to continue on the 24 day challenge because I know without a doubt its going to help me stay on track and continue to lose weight… And well I love my spark 🙂

   So my plan is to finish up Insanity and then start P90X and running more often. I have been looking for a fall race and so far the holiday ones look like the most fun. I really want to place in my age group or even in my gender that would be such an amazing accomplishment for me! But that means I need to train hard and stick to a running schedule which seems to be hard for me sometimes. I’m not sure why though because im able to stick to the Insanity calendar just fine.

   I think once we are signed up for another race the motivation will come to follow a plan. I want to end this year with some great accomplishments 🙂


Are you signed up for any races?

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Getting our Health in Check

   On Monday August 12th I started the cleanse to help get my body in check and feeling great again, I also started Insanity. Matt started P90X and on Tuesday he started his cleanse. So far so good I am going to post our results once we finish the 10 day cleanse and after each phase of our workouts.


Just working out in my Garage lol

  We have friends who are also doing these same workouts which helps a ton. One of my girlfriends is doing Insanity and we both started on the same day which is great for accountability. Then we have another couple who are doing P90X which helps keep Matt motivated and accountable.

   We all use Myfitnesspal to log our food intake and our workouts and i LOVE it. It’s so easy a Caveman could do it… Speaking of caveman we are kind of eating like one. I’m sure you have all heard of the caveman diet, we have incorporated a lot of the basics of this into our diet. We have changed our diets to a more plant/fruit based diet. We don’t eat processed food and try to stay away from anything that we couldn’t hunt or grow ourselves.

   Doing the cleanse you are supposed to eat a really clean diet to get the best results so it’s all kind of hand in hand. I haven’t felt hungry at all and I have had a ton of energy thanks to my spark!


   We are super committed to this lifestyle change and its so much more fun doing it together and with friends! And We LOVE Advocare what a blessing to have found it when we did.

Cheers to a healthier happier life 🙂


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Half Marathon

     Well we did it we ran our first but not last 1/2 Marathon! We ran it on the 4th of July. My sweet husband was with me the whole time even when I had to stop and walk a few times because of dehydration and knee pain he would continue to jog net to me.

     My parents and brother were there to cheer us on and celebrate with us after the race. I was so happy they were there to support us in this huge accomplishment! They called me ever so often while we were running to encourage us and talk us through the pain. I couldn’t talk much but it was so nice to hear a friendly voice.

     About mile 9 my knee really started to hurt and I was so dehydrated I wasn’t even sweating anymore. I would walk through the water stations grabbing 2 cups of water and 1 cup of Gatorade. By this time I knew I wasn’t going to make my goal of finishing under 2:30 but I was just hoping to finish!

    I finished in 2:42:51 which to me is pretty slow… I know I could do a lot better but with the circumstances im just glad I finished! Look at the size of those medals!!!



   We had to put on our race shirts after a nice shower because well… its our tradition 🙂 We celebrated at Red Robin with my family. I earned those carbs!!!


580175_10151780955381869_1514477097_n    So what now? We are thinking about doing the holiday 1/2 but I am a little nervous about the weather in december im not a big fan of running in the snow.

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Falcon 10k

Well we ran our very first 10k on saturday and it went pretty well actually. It was hard to run through the finish line and then do the whole route all over again though. Our times were decent since the course had 2 long big hills that we had to do twice.


I was beat after running 6.2 miles. This is our longest run so far!


Matt’s got 17th place 1:00:45

I got 19th place 1:02:04

There was a total of 47 doing the 10k. After the race they had all kinds of goodies. Jamba Juice was giving out free smoothies and noodles and company had mac n cheese there. When we were getting ready to leave I remembered my HRM was still on and check out my calorie burn!


Our legs were all ready sore when we finished so we went home and soaked in the tub and then had a big breakfast!

We love getting race shirts to add to our collection of work out clothes. And who doesn’t love to match!?


The rest of the day was pretty relaxed and we talked about our goals for our upcoming 5k on May 25th. It’s in out hometown where we grew up and we want to kick some butt so we will be training hard!

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Upcoming 10k

   We now have only 8 days until our very first 10k! I’m very nervous because I have actually never ran more than 5 miles which I did just last weekend. To say the least it wasnt the easiest… Tomorrow we plan on running the course so we know what to expect on the actual race day. This will be the farthest distance I have ever run in my entire life at once. It makes me really appreciate my body for what it is capable of, just 2 years ago when I discovered my love for running I could barely run more than a mile and now im about to run 6 and then 13 three months from now.

   My biggest goal this year is to place in the top 3 for my age group… shoot who am I kidding i want 1st place!!! How awesome would that be!?! I know that most likely it wont be happening at this next race since I didn’t get enough long runs in but I plan on training harder for the next 3 I have on the schedule for us.

I think that it actually could be possible that i get 1st place for the women someday. My reasons for thinking that is because most of the time im running between 9-9:30 minute miles and i havent even trained very hard. I still have about 20lbs to lose which will also help me become faster. And last but not least I WANT 1ST! I have the determination to do it.

Here are a few of my latest workouts… Like I said the 5 miler wasn’t the easiest it poured down rain and I sware it was up hills both ways lol.

20130322_184343 20130410_173949 SC20130412-124923 20130322_193812

   Well we will see how tomorrows run goes but im crossing my fingers that 6 miles wont be so bad after all…

wish me luck!

Whats the farthest you have run?

Any big races coming up?

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Matt’s new ride.

Matt has always wanted a bike, but i wasn’t so sure about it i mean people die on those things all the time! Once we started talking about it more it didn’t seem like such a bad idea though… We ruled out the speed bikes because those to me are just asking for a speeding ticket… speeding=death.

We looked around for a while surfing Craigslist and finally found the perfect bike for matt and I. But how could we afford to buy a motorcycle??? So we sold matts car… Might i add this was his very first car and he was kind of attached to it but it was one or the other.


   Now that the car was sold the very next day we went to Purchase the bike, the only down side was he was signed up for the motorcycle class but did not yet have his endorsement to legally drive it. So his mean wife let him drive it home and that was it until the next weekend when he would get his endorsement.

Here is the Beauty


He was also 1 of 4 that actually passed the driving class he was stoked!


He was so excited to have his very own bike I don’t know if I have ever seen him quite as giddy over something I thought he was going to sleep with it the first night in the garage! ha ha

We got a smokin deal on some helmets off of amazon


For now im ok with him having a bike, it may change in the future when we decide to start a family but we shall see…

We are saving a ton on insurance and gas though which is a huge plus in my book!

He is a rain or shine biker dude now 🙂

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Luckython race

What a fun race! Everyone was dressed in green and ready to run. We ran on a golf cart course and about half way through it started pouring down rain! Matt placed 3rd in his age group which was super exciting he got a cool winners lanyard for doing so.

Before we began


My time: 30:41

Matt’s time: 27:47

After, we were soaked!


Not our best times but pretty good for all of the hills and the down pour! After the race they treated us with a delicious baked potato… Not exactly on my diet but hey I deserved it and I was freezing cold!

Look at these awesome sock I got for a steal of a deal. $2.50 at Joanns!


Here are a few pictures from the race.

SC20130317-180829 SC20130317-180818 SC20130317-181350 SC20130317-181357 SC20130317-182030

About halfway through matt realized he dropped our key to my car… The only key that we have. Right after we finished he walked back to one of the aid stations were someone had found it and turned it in thank goodness!!!

This is a race we will probably continue doing through the years its cheap, fun, and we love holiday themed races!

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